Bartington Grad601-2 Magnetic Gradiometer


CAST's Bartington 601 at Tiwanaku, BoliviaThe Bartington Grad601-2 is a vertical component dual sensor fluxgate gradiometer with data logger and two cylindrical sensor assemblies for use in geophysics and archaeology. Each sensor tube contains two fluxgate magnetometers with a one meter vertical separation. As a magnetic gradiometer, this instrument is sensitive to very slight fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field as a result of object's buried in the shallow subsurface and surface variations. The on-board data logger records measurements collected during a survey and allows for gradient maps of a study area to be prepared.

This instrument is designed for archaeological prospection and allows geophysical surveys to be completed rapidly. The large non-volatile flash memory and fast downloading of data offer improved survey efficiency. The Grad601 has a linear range of 100nT with a resolution of 0.1nT and a range of 1000nT with a resolution of 1nT. A compressed response is provided to 30,000nT. This instrument operates either in survey mode, where data is recorded while covering an area in parallel or zigzag paths, or in a scanning mode where it is used as a search tool with an audible output without data logging.

For more info on the Grad601, please see the instrument data sheet released by Bartington Instruments.

Magnetic gradiometry data of Caddo structures collected with the Bartington Grad601 by Duncan McKinnon in SW Arkansas.