Bob Harris


Robert (Bob) W. Harris - Director of Computer Operation
JBHT-CAST room 313
Phone: (479) 575-7918
Fax: (479) 575-5218

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BS University of Arkansas Geology (1985)

BS University of Arkansas Computer Science (1987)


Bob Harris has 20 years of experience in System Administration and as a System Administration Team Leader.  He has 20 years of experience in database administration with various enterprise level database software such as Informix and Oracle and desktop database development experience with Microsoft FoxPro and Microsoft Access.  He has managed the CAST corporate and research databases which included Informix Software platforms and, for the last 10 years, Oracle Software. He managed several major research projects, with selected projects listed below.  

Selected Projects 

AARMS II - Arkansas Automated Reporting and Mapping System II  2007 - 2008: Expands the information and functionality of the Arkansas Watershed Information System with Online web mapping, LIDAR data distribution and the 1 - 24,000 National Hydrological dataset. 

AARMS I - Arkansas Automated Reporting and Mapping System I 2005 - 2007: The Arkansas Watershed Information System provides a comprehensive statewide electronic watershed atlas consisting of a series of practical maps and reports for the 308 watershed units across the state.

MesoStor - An Enterprise Geospatial Architecture and Development of Automated Analysis Methodologies for Central American Carbon Sequestration Analysis 2002 - 2004: CAST Assisted in the development of advanced decision support system for Mesoamerica named SERVIR, as part of the Mesoamerican Environmental Information System (SIAM). Harris was team leader in the develop and installation of a computational architecture that can ingest and process the satellite image data and other ancillary geospatial data sets.  This architecture was based on the GeoStor/University of Arkansas Spatial Library and became known as MesoStor.

GeoStor/University of Arkansas Spatial Library (UASL) 1998 - 2005 GeoStor was/is an enterprise data management system and spatial data distribution system. Harris was the development team leader and database architecture design and implementation specialist.

Nation Archeological Database (NADB) 1991 - 2008: Harris developed and currently maintains the Nation Archeological Database. This database is an open access, web enabled, archeological management system, funded by the National Park Service.