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Class Support and Information


The Center has an very extensive suite of hardware, software and research instrumentation available to faculty and students and the Center's systems administrators are responsible for managing the instructional and student research labs in Ozark Hall and the JB Hunt Center. Details on the facilities and available hardware and software are provided here.

The links to the left also provide detailed information on student and faculty use of the research and instructional hardware and software are provided in the facilities pages and at the support pages.

For access to the Ozark Hall labs students and faculty should contact Turn on JavaScript! in the Geosciences departmental office. Access to the facilities in JBHT are provided through Turn on JavaScript! at (479) 575 8614. Faculty wishing to utilize any of the other CAST resources should contact Hanna for availability and scheduling of CAST facilities.


Students wishing to utilize the hardware and software facilities in research projects in the JB Hunt Center should complete the attached application  and provide it to Hanna Ford in JBHT 304. Students wishing to use the facilities in Ozark Hall should complete the Geosciences Access form available here