The Center has focused much of it's efforts towards the creation of geospatial tools and approaches that can assist governmental units at all levels.   Decades ago only national level agencies had the fiscal and personnel resources that would allow them to effectively utilize many geosatial solutions. As computing capabilities expanded and software became more accessible, however, government agencies at all levels can now effectively use these systems. It has become clear to all that geospatial data and methods are essential elements for the effective management of many issues that are faced by these agencies.

Many of the Center's research initiatives ultimately have direct value to governmental groups. For example the GeoStor system was a research initiative at the Center focus on the development of an architecture and system for the storage and distribution of very large enterprise geospatial data. In time the system was adopted by the State of Arkansas, restructured and relocated to the Arkansas Geographic Information Office in Little Rock.

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In partnership with our Center of Excellence commercial partners we also assist governmental agencies by providing a location where they can examine state-of-the-art systems, solutions and strategies. Center staff, through our relationships with the professional press (e.g. GeoWorld, Earth Imaging Journal and others) also have access to a wide range of software and solutions and thus can provide unbiased information on a range of options.  

In other cases the Center has worked with external funding sources (e.g. USGS, USDA, etc.) to develop proof-of-concept or pilot systems that can then be used as models for agencies. A major research focus of the center has been in  the development and application of geospatial interoperability which is a area of great value to governmental units at all levels.