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Research efforts at CAST cover a broad range of themes and domains, all connected through the thread of acquisition and analysis of spatially referenced data and processes.

Research at CAST is strongly multi-disciplinary and involves faculty and students who are domain specialists from many disciplines and institutions. Geographically, the Center’s research scope is global with current active research efforts in areas ranging from South America, Middle and Near East, Europe and around the US.

CAST researchers are engaged in both basic investigations in the broadly defined area of geomatics, which includes geospatial method and theory and in their application to a wide range of domain areas (including archaeology, visualization and animation, environmental studies, community development and other areas).  Specific details on these areas and others are also accessible from the links on the left.  Current areas of emphasis in geospatial method and theory include enterprise geospatial systems and geospatial interoperability, high density survey, photogrammetric techniques, remote sensing, spatial decision support systems, and visualization.

Collaborative projects have included social analysis and networks, bio-geographic and environmental studies, archaeological analysis, archaeological geophysics, historic preservation, database design and deployment, interoperability and standards, web mapping, and geodata fusion.

Institutionally, the Center has active research collaborators at many universities including Arizona State, Penn State, Washington State, University of Pennsylvania, University of Oklahoma as well as the University of Arkansas. At the University of Arkansas we have strong research relationships with faculty across the entire campus. Beyond the academy, we have research collaborations with the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and local, state and federal agencies.

Research images