UA Resource Center for Heritage Visualization



The UA Resource Center for Heritage Visualization contains a suite of resources intended to encourage the wide development of 3D visualizations and models that enrich the interpretive programs of the Nation's heritage, providing compelling and exciting presentations of scientific data for museums, interpretive center and general public consumption.

Wide use of 3D visualization and similar computer models are essential to engage new (particularly younger) segments of the populations and increase understanding and interest in the nation's heritage.

Use of digital heritage interpretation in the U.S. dramatically lags behind European efforts in this arena and a national resource center will provide critically needed impetus to growth.

The main goal of this project is to expand the use, value and effectiveness of heritage visualization for both interpretation and scholarly analysis by providing the community with a readily accessible knowledge base and access to a variety of topics dealing with techniques available for visual presentation of archeological data as well as content dealing with significant issues of validation, accuracy, multiple representation and others .

Among other things, this information is designed to provide a basic understanding of the workings of 3D data collection/authoring software, web development software and design principles, web-based media delivery, digital imaging software for documents, and the process of capturing/editing digital video for presentation via VHS, DVD, & Streaming Web.