Environmental Studies

A major area of research at CAST involves applying geomatics methods for environmental analysis and management. These investigations include the development of new remote sensing techniques to map land cover change to address carbon balance in Central America, procedures to improve the creation and distribution of soils mapping, and avian habitat studies in North America and Latin America.

Arkansas Watershed Information System

Water resources have become an area of major concern for local, regional, state and national organizations, both public and private. 

Wetlands and watersheds are hot topics as government entities and private interests work to protect and preserve our water resources.  Other CAST research projects in this area include wetland planning area analysis and the assessment of potential sources of contamination of public drinking water sources.

Land Use/Land Cover analysis is a crucial part of environmental research.  Projects have been completed that investigate the “gaps” in habitat preservation in Arkansas, produce statewide land use/land cover anyalses, classify regional land cover, and examine local land use change


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