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Problems Searching NADB-Reports

Users accessing the Internet from within a firewall may not be able to receive the query results sent by NADB-Reports. They may get instead a page with the following error messages "cannot find server" or "this page is currently unavailable". NADB-Reports uses the Oracle application server to publish the results of database queries to the Internet. By default, firewalls allow input from computers using port 80. The Oracle application server uses other ports, in this case ports 7778 or 7779.

If you are experiencing this problem, the firewall needs to be told that it can allow connections to CAST servers. This can be done by asking your system administrator to enable the following: 130.184.75.*.

CAST controls all the machines within its domain, so your system administrator should feel confident that connections from unsafe machines will not be permitted by using the IP above.
For more information, please have your system administrator contact Bob Harris, CAST System Administrator.

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