Lab FAQs

Students enrolled in courses that meet in one or both of the Geomatics Teaching Labs (JBHT 228 or JBHT 231) are given access to the labs for the duration of the class. No action is necessary; however, if you are experiencing a card problem, please send an email to

Any U of A student, faculty or staff member is eligible to use the CAST research labs. If you would like access to the labs for research purposes you may complete the CAST Lab Access Request Form and submit it for consideration. Students are required to have a UA faculty or staff member serve as their reference or sponsor for access and must have a University ID Card.

All systems are part of the UA General Computer Lab (GACL) domain and users can access their home directories and disks from any machine. Students, faculty and staff should use their U of A Accounts (i.e. GACL\username or U of A email Address, like "") for accessing the computers in the labs unless otherwise specified by faculty or staff.

CAST maintains server space for use by students and faculty working in JBHT and Ozark Hall. To request server space please submit a CAST Help Ticket specifying the approximate space needed, your course of study and the name of a faculty member with whom you have been working or studying. Server space is maintained for one year (July 1- June 30) unless it is renewed, if the account is not renewed the contents are archived.

Once your server space is assigned, you may map a drive to it, allowing you to save and access your data from any machine.

You may choose to temporarily work on the local hard-drive in c:\temp; however, be sure to copy your work back to your server space before you log out. Backups of the workstation drives are infrequent, and drives are routinely re-imaged for maintenance - meaning any files stored locally on the computer are permanently deleted.

Remember to backup important documents, project, thesis and dissertation work. Lots of effort has gone into your work, so take extra care to protect it.

Please read the University of Arkansas Information Technology Services Tech Article on Mapping a Drive,

Please submit a CAST Help Ticket. If you are in the JBHT building and require immediate assistance you may come to JBHT 304.
In Ozark Hall, paper is available in the Department of Geosciences main office, Ozark Hall 216.

The labs are available for research, homework and studying any time that there is not a class in session. Please check the Geomatics Calendar online or at each door prior to entry to avoid interrupting any classes in session.