Aerial Imaging

Cinestar 8 Kopter

Cinestar 8 Kopter, custom built inhouse for remote aerial survey and imaging. This remote controlled helicopter is perfect for small area surveys using thermal imaging or aerial imaging cameras, as well as other small data collection devices. It can be operated by remote control or programmed to follow a preset flight path autonomously.

Nikon D200 IR

The Nikon D200, altered to operate as an IR sensor, can be mounted on airborne platforms. This device can be used as an effective means of thermal mapping on archaeological sites.

Palm IR Sensor

The palm IR thermal imager is a single band thermal imaging system. This device has proved effective in various archeological mapping efforts.


The Tau-2 Long Wavelength Infrared (LWIR) sensor with a 25μ pixel pitch, 640x512 sensor array is a high-performance, compact, lightweight LWIR uncooled thermal imaging camera suitable for use with the Cinestar 8 Octocopter aerial platform. Both 9mm and 25mm lens are available.

TerraHawk Aerial Imaging System

The TerraHawk Aerial Imaging System is built around a DuncanTech multispectral camera and provides CAST researchers with the versatility to conduct refined research in precision agriculture, forestry, rapid response techniques for emergency management, and other areas where near-real-time imagery is critical. Small, compact, enclosed in a case for portability, the TerraHawkTM Aerial Imaging System is an integrated turnkey or complete multi-spectral imaging system for easy-to-use practical application in production agriculture and natural resource management. Features include industrial computer, camera automation, navigation software, GPS integration, and roll, pitch, and yaw camera stabilization.