CAST equipment is stored, scheduled and maintained according to university policies, as well as through a rigorous tracking system. Each item is tagged with a barcode and is checked in and out for research use using a barcode-scanning hand held mobile device. When not in use, all equipment is stored in a secure, access- and climate-controlled room.

Geospatial Modeling & Visualization Website

CAST maintains the Geospatial Modeling & Visualization (GMV) website to serve as a source of workflows for data acquisition and processing. This resource was developed as part of the NSF funded CI-TRAIN project, a partnership of institutions of higher education in Arkansas and West Virginia focused on transforming the practice of information technology services for enabling scientific discovery. Additional funding and support for the development of this site has been provided by the Division of Science and Technology at the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and the University of Arkansas Facilities Management.

Equipment Use Summary

The bar chart below represents the usage days for each major piece of field equipment that CAST maintains. From July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, our equipment saw a total of 5,656 equipment use days, or 45,272 equipment use hours.

*3,869 domestic use days of Trimble Juno 3B usage not pictured.