Carla E. Klehm

Carla E. Klehm

Sr. Project/Program Director (Non-Exempt)

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences

(CAST)-Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies

Phone: 479-575-6159

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Dr. Carla Klehm is an anthropological archaeologist working at the intersection of inequality, long-distance trade, and human-environmental relationships. Funded by NSF, NEH, NGS, and Wenner-Gren, among others, she directs international, multidisciplinary projects that span from the outskirts of the earliest polities in southern Africa and the riverine fortress networks of Bronze Age Europe to mortuary assemblages at some of East Africa’s earliest megalithic monuments. Her projects have incorporated a range of geospatial applications, including geophysics, UAV-based sensors, and predictive modeling using multispectral satellite imagery, derived from her long-standing relationship with CAST. Dr. Klehm collaborates directly with local museums and communities and incorporates indigenous perspectives in the narratives she presents to both academic and popular audiences.

2013          PhD, Anthropology (Archaeology), University of Texas at Austin

2009          M.A. Anthropology (Archaeology), University of Texas at Austin

2006          B.A. Dual Degrees, Anthropology (Honors) and History, Northwestern University

JOURNAL ARTICLES (* indicates peer-reviewed)

In Press*    Sawchuk, Elizabeth, Pfeiffer, Susan, Klehm, Carla, Cameron, Michelle, Hill, Austin, Janzen, Anneke, Grillo, Katherine, and Elisabeth Hildebrand. “Archaeology of Mid-Holocene Pastoralist Cemeteries West of Lake Turkana, Kenya. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences.

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2017*        Klehm, Carla. "Local Dynamics and the Emergence of Social Inequality in Iron Age Botswana." Current Anthropology 58: 604-633.

2017*        Klehm, Carla. “Finding Russia in Botswana: AIDS, Archaeology, and the Power of the Past.” Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 24: 28-49.

2016*        Klehm, Carla and Borbála Nyíri. “Exploring Socio-Economic Relationships through Surface Survey Ceramics: New methodologies from the Bronze Age sites of the Benta Valley Microregion, Hungary.” Journal of Field Archaeology 41: 486-499.

2016*        Klehm, Carla and Eileen Ernenwein. "Electromagnetic Induction Survey and Test Excavations at Mmadipudi Hill, Botswana." African Archaeological Review 33: 45-59.

2015*         Denbow, James, Klehm, Carla and Laure Dussubieux. “Glass, Ivory, and Salt in the    African Interior: Glass Beads of Kaitsaa and the Beginnings of Indian Ocean trade in Botswana.” Antiquity 89: 361-377.

2014          Klehm, Carla. "Trade Tales and Tiny Trails." The Appendix Journal of History. Digital publication. January 8, 2014.

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BOOK CHAPTERS (* indicates peer-reviewed)

2019          Klehm, Carla and Joel E. Tishken. “Central Africa.” In Africa Volume 1: History and Culture to 1900, eds. Toyin Falola and Steven Salm. 2nd ed. Durham: Carolina Academic Press, pp. 257-281.

2019          Klehm, Carla. “History of Southern Africa.” In Africa Volume 1: History and Culture to 1900, eds. Toyin Falola and Steven Salm. 2nd ed. Durham: Carolina Academic Press, pp. 282-304.

2013*        Kusimba, Chapurukha R. and Carla Klehm. “Museums and Public Archaeology: presenting Africa’s past at home and abroad.” Oxford Handbook of African Archaeology, eds. Paul Lane and Peter Mitchell, pp. 227-237.

2019-Present       Co-Director, Spatial Archaeometry Research Collaboration, Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, University of Arkansas

2019-Present       Adjunct Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of Arkansas

2017-2019           Assistant Professor Adjunct, Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder

2017-2018           Lecturer, International Studies, University of Denver

2013-2017           Research Affiliate, Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis

2015-2016           Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis

2013-2015           Post-Doctoral Fellow, Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis