Brian Culpepper

Brian Culpepper

GIS Research Associate

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences

(CAST)-Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies

Phone: 479-575-8745

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Having worked at CAST since 1992, Brian has experience in a variety of geospatial technologies and their application within all levels of government, engineering, planning, business and education. 

The practical use of geospatial technologies within decision support applications, GIS education and fulfilling the outreach mission of Arkansas' land-grant institution has kept him involved in collaborative projects with interesting people during his career.

Brian remains active within the Arkansas GIS Users Forum ( where he volunteers for the Executive Committee and has recently volunteered with the Mid-America GIS Consortium ( a nine-state network of dedicated leaders in the fields of mapmaking, location services, and data development.

Culpepper provides technical support and training to new and existing Geospatial technology users as part of his responsibility within the University of Arkansas' outreach mission. He's actively managing several GIS research projects and partnering with local, State, Federal and non-profit organizations within middle America.  

Intermediate Geospatial technologies, including Geodatabases, Mobile GIS data collection and management, Citizen Science application development.

M.A., Geography, University of Arkansas

B.A., Landscape Architecture, University of Arkansas

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Culpepper is active in geospatial research, professional GIS education, user support and has managed many GIS research projects over the past 20+ years. Some of these projects include the Northwest Arkansas Regional Trails/Active Transportation Infrastructure Management, the Arkansas Resource Assessment, Arkansas Biodiesel Legislative Research Project, University of Arkansas Room Condition Survey,  Arkansas' Satellite Mallard Tracking Project,  the Wetland Resource Information Management Project, Arkansas Source Water Assessment Project, Arkansas Legislative Redistricting (1991), the RGIS MidSouth Office Technical Outreach Initiatives, Master Plans for Prairie Grove and Honey Springs Battlefield Parks, University of Arkansas Room Use Survey System (RUSS), and the Arkansas Economic Atlas Project.

Culpepper began his GIS career using GRASS4.1 and has expanded his software knowledge as many practioners often do but at this moment/month he's primarily involved with the ArcGIS product family but with interest and appreciation for the BoundlessGeo (open source) products.

Prior to 2010, he served as the Outreach Specialist for the Rural Geospatial Innovations Center Mid-South Office, (RGIS-Mid South). The RGIS-MidSouth site was one of eight USDA-funded program sites located across the United States. The National Consortium for Rural GeoSpatial Innovations (RGIS) received congressional support via the USDA CSREES program whereby GIS/GPS outreach, support and educational activities targeted rural communities in their planning and decision making processes through identification of the appropriate use of the rapidly emerging and existing geospatial technologies.

2009 - Distinguished Service to GIS Users within Arkansas - presented by the Arkansas GIS Users Forum