William G. Johnston

William G. Johnston

Research Associate

(ARSC)-Arts & Sciences

(CAST)-Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies

Phone: 479-575-5126

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Sensors and real time data - As sensors become cheaper, ubiquitous and networked, integrating all the data from these sensors on the fly will be able to produce previously unseen real time views of the world around us.

Parallel programming - With multicore processors now the norm, parallel programing is no longer just an interest of high tech labs, but a become a hot topic of programmers everywhere.

Robotics - Just because.

Ph.D., Engineering, University of Arkansas

M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Arkansas

B.S., Computer Systems Engineering, University of Arkansas

B.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Arkansas

Glen S. Mattioli, Simon R. Young, Barry Voight, R. Steven J. Sparks, Eylon Shalev, Sacks Selwyn, Peter Malin, Alan Linde, William Johnston, Dannie Hadayat, Derek Elsworth, Peter Dunkley, Richard Herd, Jurgen Neuberg, Gillian Norton, Christina Widiwijayanti, Prototype PBO Instrumentation of CALIPSO Project Captures World-Record Lava Dome Collapse on Montserrat Volcano EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Uunion, Vol. 85, No. 34, pp 317, 2004

Banerjee, N., & Johnston, W. (2014). Perpetuu: A Tiered Solar-powered GIS Microserver. Under Review presented at the ICDCS 2014, Madrid, Spain. Retrieved from
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Developed Software:


ArchaeoFusion - a tool for manipulating and visualizing data from ground penetrating sensors.

Broadcast - a real time data multicaster.

Data Tunnel - used to push data through firewall where otherwise it would be blocked.

DBase - a dBase file parser

DLGView - a network enabled DLG (digital line graph) file viewer.

Explode - a program that reduces a XSI polygon to is constituent triangles and pulls it apart.

FilePush - a tool that automatically forwards files placed in a directory to an ftp site.

GPSGrab - a tool to pull data from the ftp server of NetRSs.

Geostor/Mesostor - a data warehouse and distribution system for geospatial vector and raster data.

MesoCSP - experiments in carbon sequestration modeling for forests.

Metadata - a library of code to parse and create FGDC metadata files.

PatchMatch - a web application that can find the location of aerial photographs.

PolyMap - a collection of tools for translating one GIS file type into another.

Quanterra - a library of code to interface with a Quanterra Q330 seismometer.

SpartialArk: Raster Catalog - a tool for storing and distributing earth referenced raster files.

SpatialArk: Vector Viewer - a Java package that draws vector maps.

Time - a tool that reads the time from a GPS unit and sets the time on other equipment.

TiltTalk - a Pinnacle tilt meter reader.

SEED - a MiniSEED file parser.

LAS - a mass point data reader/loader that reads a lidar LAS 1.0 files and loads the data to an Oracle database.

OGERExporter - a Softimage XSI plugin that exports 3D objects, their textures, and their motion to OGRE XML files.

PingTool - a tool that monitors a network and sends e-mail notification when something changes.

QueryEngine - an interactive database query tool used to simplify the building of geospatial SQL statements.

RAPID - a tool that would load Landsat data into GeoStor automatically so that the public could download Landsat images within hours of them being taken.

StableEyes - a tool to remove head motion, leaving only the facial motion from the 3D data captured at a motion capture facility. 

Tiger - a TIGER data reader/loader which read TIGER files and load the data to an Oracle database.

SpaceWar - Well, you can't write scientific software all the time.