CAST Researcher Angie Payne demonstrates Google Earth using RazorVUE

CAST staff members respond to hundreds of requests for assistance and demonstrations each year from sources ranging from U of A students to local educational groups and curious individuals. Our mission includes demonstrations, workshops, meetings, presentations, and response to requests for a variety of types of information.

Over the last decade, much of the research activity at CAST has been the creation of geospatial tools and approaches that can assist local communities. Geospatial data and methods are essential elements for the effective management of many issues faced by communities, but the complexity and costs are often an impediment to their adoption. CAST works closely with local communities to educate officials about geospatial applications and technologies that support growth and management. Our efforts have been focused in providing technical assistance, and on creating community capacity wherever possible.

Campus Collaborations

CAST regularly collaborates with University of Arkansas Facilities Management and other entities on campus, contributing staff expertise to the enhancement of campus services. These partnerships allow our researchers to try out new technological applications and concepts close to home while providing a much needed service to the campus community.

EAST Initiative Support & Training

CAST maintains an active collaboration with the EAST Initiative, a project-based, service-learning oriented program that provides hundreds of K-12 students with high-end technology available in the most progressive fields in the world.


Opening Pathways to Employment through Nontraditional Geospatial Applications in Technical Education, or OPENGATE, is funded through the National Science Foundation. A collaboration between five partner institutions in the University of Arkansas system, the goal of the three-year project is to increase access to education in location-based technologies in order to prepare students for employment in a wide variety of industries.