CAST in the News


Dr. Aaron Shew named Associate Director of CAST.  University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, 4/26/2021


U of A's MICRO Lab Reaches its One-Year Milestone, Arkansas Newswire, 6/17/19

Cothren, Tullis From Advanced Spatial Technologies Monday's CSES Seminar Speakers, Arkansas Newswire, 4/19/19

CAST Helps Identify Possible Archeological Sites, International Research Team Publishes Findings, Arkansas Newswire, 4/19/19

Geosciences 'Fred Limp Reappointed by Secretary of Interior to federal BoardArkansas Newswire, 3/07/19

'Rohwer Reconstructed' Project, Fay Jones School Alumni Win 2018 Arkansas Preservation Awards , Arkansas Newswire, 3/07/19


SPARC Program in Spatial Archaeometry Expands Support for Research in ArchaeologyArkansas Newswire, 10/08/18

U of A Preserves Fay Jones' Home in Real and Virtual Worlds, KUAF, 05/08/18

Sans-Souci, Haiti: uncovering a kingdom | Discover, CaribbeanBeat, Issue 151 (May/June 2018)

U of A Research Paper Selected as Article of the Month by Cambridge University Press, Arkansas Newswire, 02/26/18

University of Arkansas Team Studies 'Alien' Carlsbad Cave, Arkansas Business, 02/26/18

U of A Researchers Create Digital Map, Cultural History of Carlsbad Cavern, Arkansas Newswire, 01/29/18

Creating a Digital Map, and a Cultural History, of Carlsbad Cavern, Research Frontiers, 01/29/18

U of A Digitally Preserves Important Dinosaur Tracks Found in Arkansas, Arkansas Newswire, 01/16/18

Researchers Digitally Preserve Important Arkansas Dinosaur Tracks, Research Frontiers, 01/16/18


Story Mapping Project for Rush Historic District Wins ASLA Arkansas Chapter Award, Arkansas Newswire, 12/04/17

Collaborative Researcher Awarded MacArthur 'Genius Grant' for Study of Latino Migration, Arkansas Newswire, 11/14/17

Cold Summer in Greenland Studying How Ice Moves, Arkansas Newswire, 10/25/17

A Cold Summer in Greenland Studying How Ice Moves, Research Frontiers, 10/23/17

CAST and the OPENGATE project featured on the EverydayGeo podcast,, 10/14/17

Know the Enemy, Research Frontiers, 10/09/17

Second Annual Unmanned Aircraft System and Drone Summit, Arkansas Newswire, 10/05/17

U of A Geospatial Technologies Experts Present Research, Workshops at Regional Symposium, Arkansas Newswire, 09/27/17

Voice Actors Wanted for Historical Visualization Project, Arkansas Newswire, 09/27/17

U of A, NSF and National Association of Black Geoscientists Collaboration a Win for All Attendees, Arkansas Newswire, 09/14/17

U of A Drone Experts Train State Public Agencies, Arkansas Newswire, 09/11/17

Conference Combines Location-Based Technologies With Student Preparation for Employment, Arkansas Newswire, 09/07/17

U of A Receives $700,000 NSF Grant to Purchase MicroCT Scanner, Arkansas Newswire, 09/07/17

Interview with Malcolm Williamson and Brian Culpepper,, 09/01/17

NSF Continues Support for Program in Spatial Archaeometry, Arkansas Newswire, 08/30/17

Designing for Drones: Class Project Helps Students Consider User Experience, Arkansas Newswire, 07/07/17

Smith Named Inaugural Distinguished Scholar by Division of American Society of Criminology, Arkansas Newswire, 05/24/17

Researchers Pursue Interdisciplinary Breakthroughs in Big Data, Arkansas Newswire, 05/23/17

Bringing art to life with the help of technology, Harrison Daily Times, 05/14/17

Research Showcase Focuses on Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Virtual Reality, Arkansas Newswire, 04/06/17

Spring Research Showcase Focuses on Data Analytics, Arkansas Newswire, 03/28/17

Two UA Majors Help Plan New Fayetteville Nature Preserve, Arkansas Traveler, 02/28/17


The U of A and the Monarch Butterfly, KUAF, 12/21/16

BASF Sponsors Doctoral Fellowship in Sustainability to Study Monarch Butterfly Conservation, Arkansas Newswire, 11/30/16

GIS Day Open House at Mullins Library on Wednesday, Nov. 16, Arkansas Newswire, 11/14/16

U of A Center to Lead Effort to Expand Geospatial Education Across State, Arkansas Newswire, 08/15/16

CAST to Lead Effort to Expand Geospatial Education, Research Frontiers, 08/15/16

Project gives view of history Arkansas ghost town hotel, Texarkana Gazette, 08/03/2016

Intergovernmental Panel has Arkansas Flavor, KUAF, 07/27/16

U of A Professor to Help Determine Greenhouse Gas Guidelines, Arkansas Newswire, 07/25/16

U of A Geoscientist to Help Determine Greenhouse Gas Guidelines, Research Frontiers, 07/25/16

SPARC to Collaborate on Four New Projects in Winter 2016-17, Arkansas Newswire, 07/22/16

Researchers Bring Davidsonville Back to Life, Arkansas Newswire, 05/02/16

Resurrecting a Ghost Town, Research Frontiers, 04/29/16

U of A Honors Civil Engineering Student Named Gates Cambridge Scholar, Arkansas Newswire, 03/17/16

U of A Researchers Help Capture Lifecycle of Roman Pottery, Arkansas Newswire, 02/05/16

Researching Roman Treasure, Research Frontiers, 02/04/16

Sands of Science, Research Frontiers, 01/20/16


Geospatial Research Program to Collaborate on Five New Projects in 2016, Arkansas Newswire, 12/18/15

Rebuilding Ancient Structures with Time Scanners, Research Frontiers, 12/16/15

Revealing the Secrets of Machu Picchu, Research Frontiers, 12/09/15

GIS Day Features Presentations, Tech Demonstrations, Sandbox Competition, Arkansas Newswire, 11/16/15

Geospatial Research Program Seeks Project Applications, Arkansas Newswire, 10/06/15

Older Sections of Senior Walk Will be Restored, Arkansas Traveler, 09/09/15

NSF Renews Funding for National Hub of Geospatial Research in Archaeology, Arkansas Newswire, 08/20/15

SPARC-ing Geospatial Archaeological Research, Research Frontiers, 08/19/15

Modeling the Distant Past, Research Frontiers, 07/13/15

U of A Projects Funded by Arkansas Natural and Cultural Resources Council, Arkansas Newswire, 05/12/15

CAST: Capturing History in the Sweep of a Laser, Research Frontiers, 02/13/15


Deterioration of Senior Walk Concerns Students, Graduates Arkansas Traveler, 11/12/14

A Virtual Museum Research Frontiers, 08/01/14

Petra Behind the Scenes, Research Frontiers, 07/15/14

Revealing Wren, Research Frontiers, 07/08/14

Scanning the Pyramids, Research Frontiers, 07/01/14

U of A to Host Screening of PBS Documentary Series, Arkansas Newswire, 06/30/14

University of Arkansas Research Center to Appear in Time Scanners on PBS, Arkansas Newswire, 06/24/14

Lasers, Camera, Action!, Research Frontiers, 06/24/14

Scanning History, Arkansas Newswire, 06/23/14

Cold War Spy-Satellite Images Unveil Lost Cities, National Geographic, 04/14/14

New Geospatial Research Program Meets Critical Need in Archaeology Research, Arkansas Newswire, 02/25/14


These Aren't Old-School Maps: See What's New on Geographic Information Systems Day, Arkansas Newswire, 11/14/13

Office for Sustainability Measures Value of Campus Urban Forest, Arkansas Newswire, 09/19/13

Eureka Springs EAST Receives University of Arkansas Prize, EAST Initative, 08/12/13

University Centers Combine Efforts to Enhance Visual Identification Technologies, Arkansas Newswire, 03/28/13

Erdman Recognized for Preservation Education With New Landscape Architecture Course, Arkansas Newswire, 01/30/13


RazorVue Reveals Benefits of Toolkit for Gas Producers, Arkansas Newswire, 12/06/12

Rohwer: A Japanese-American Internment Camp in Arkansas, Research Frontiers, 11/15/12

Geographic Information Systems Show New Ways to See the World, Arkansas Newswire, 11/08/12

From 3-D to 2-D: Mapping the Forgotten History of a Japanese-American Internment Camp, Research Frontiers, 10/15/12

In the Tracks of the Cretaceous, Research Frontiers, 04/15/12

Where Objects Talk to Each Other, Research Frontiers, 04/15/12


Honors College Funds Interdisciplinary Courses, Arkansas Newswire, 11/28/11


Arkansas 180: Virtual Hampson Museum, Research Frontiers, 04/15/12


Fred Limp Elected to Presidency of International Organization, Arkansas Newswire, 04/21/10


Geographic Information Systems Day Highlights Local Projects and a Heroic Dog, Arkansas Newswire, 11/28/11

Visit Pompeii in 3-D, Research Frontiers, 10/15/09

3-D Atlas Reveals Undiscovered Sites, Research Frontiers, 04/15/09


Research Leads Arkansas Student to Bedouin Village, Newswise, 11/03/08

University of Arkansas Researchers Combine Technologies to Heal Patients, Virtually, Arkansas Newswire, 04/15/08

Engineering Sustainability, Research Frontiers, 04/15/08


How Wal-Mart might save Tontitown a heap of trouble, Arkansas Traveler, 01/17/07


UA brings Machu Picchu home, Arkansas Traveler, 11/10/05

CAST and Leica GeoSystems Form Inaugural Center of Excellence, Arkansas Newswire, 05/03/05

Creek under campus to be restored, Arkansas Traveler, 04/13/05


World of Knowledge, Research Frontiers, 04/15/08


A CAST of Millions (of bytes of data), Government Technology, 12/31/98