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State of the Industry ReportEarth Imaging Journal, 02/14/14

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Corona Atlas & Referencing SystemAncient World Online, 01/17/17 (originally posted 02/26/14)

World Heritage University-Level Training Programs, UNESCO In the Spotlight: Education and Culture, 07/16/14

2014-16: Minding the Gap: Advanced Challenges in Theory and Practice in 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage SitesDigitalLandscapes, 05/27/14

IU professor Stacie King receives grant to build a digital museum, organize workshops, Art at IU, 05/13/14

A bird’s-eye view: 3D laser scanner maps a mountain, SmartGeometrics, 05/09/14

Spy Satellite Images Unveil Lost Cities,, 05/07/14

How Cold War Spy Satellites Revealed 10,000 Lost Cities and RuinsSpatial Matters, 04/28/14

Hussein’s Head and Importance of Cultural Heritage, The ASOR Blog, 03/10/14

Three Dimensional Field Recording in Archaeology: An Example from Gabii, The Archaeology of the Mediterranean World, 09/19/13

3D hearths with artifacts from point cloudThe Millennia Blog, 08/28/13

Magnetometry at Lord Ashley, The Lord Ashley Site, 06/13/13

Could Visual Identification Technologies Revolutionize Logistics,, 05/14/13

The North American Database of Archaeological Geophysics (NADAG) Year 2 (2002-02), National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, 03/27/13

Time Scanners: Il Laser Scanner 3D alla riscoperta delle antichità, Geo Data Service, 06/23/14

Ancestral Apes: A New Analysis of an Old Fossil Yields Evolutionary Insights, Illumination, 2013


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