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Plant Imaging Consortium (PIC) was initiated in August 2014 with funding from the National Science Foundation's EPSCoR Track-2 Research Infrastructure Improvement Program. Its mission is to apply new imaging technologies to advance research and education in plant biology, and to combat crop losses to sources of plant stress such as drought, poor soils, insects and diseases. The consortium brings together expertise and facilities for high- throughput phenotyping and molecular imaging that are located throughout Missouri and Arkansas, and supports interdisciplinary collaborations between the two states. PIC also promotes education in science and technology by providing teaching modules to local schools, and is creating linkages with private industry through internship programs and seminar series.

Associated Grants and Awards

Collaborative Research on Plant Stress Response Through Innovations in Phenomics and Molecular Imaging Technologies, National Science Foundation (2014)


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Funding provided by:

National Science Foundation

Principal Investigator

Jackson Cothren

Co-Principal Investigators

Rachel Opitz

Key Personnel

Adam Barnes

Bill Johnston

Field Data Collection

Vance Green